Recommendations to GDF Suez

Recommendation 13

GDF Suez revise its Emergency Response Plan, to: require an increased state of readiness on days of Total Fire Ban; require pre-establishment of an Emergency Command Centre; require pre-positioning of an accredited Incident Controller as Emergency Commander; and require any persons nominated as Emergency Commander to have incident controller accreditation and proficiency in the use of the Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System.

Recommendation 14

GDF Suez establish enhanced back-up power supply arrangements that do not depend wholly on mains power, to: ensure that the Emergency Command Centre can continue to operate if mains power is lost; and ensure that the reticulated fire services water system can operate with minimal disruption if mains power is lost.

Recommendation 15

GDF Suez: conduct, assisted by an independent consultant, a risk assessment of the likelihood and consequences of fire in the worked out areas of the Hazelwood mine, and an assessment of the most effective fire protection for the exposed coal surfaces; prepare an implementation plan that ensures the most effective and reasonably practicable controls are in place to eliminate or reduce the risk of fire; and implement the plan.

Recommendation 16

GDF Suez: review its ‘Mine Fire Service Policy and Code of Practice’ so that it reflects industry best practice and ensures that, by taking a risk management approach, it is suitable for fire prevention, mitigation and suppression in all parts of the Hazelwood mine; and incorporate the revised ‘Mine Fire Service Policy and Code of Practice’ into the approved work plan for the Hazelwood mine.

Recommendation 17

GDF Suez adopt and apply the firefighter carbon monoxide response protocol.

Recommendation 18

GDF Suez improve its crisis management communication strategy for the Hazelwood mine in line with international best practice.