The Hazelwood Mine Fire Board of Inquiry makes 18 recommendations.

These recommendations have been drafted taking into account issues raised by the Latrobe Valley community and the feasibility of implementation.

The term ‘State’ is used broadly in the recommendations to refer to the Victorian Government,
the Victorian public service, and public entities such as Emergency Management Victoria, the Country
Fire Authority, the Environment Protection Authority and the Victorian WorkCover Authority.

Recommendations relevant to the State are generally not prescriptive in terms of the entity tasked
with implementation.

Where the term ‘GDF Suez’ is used in these recommendations, this is intended to refer to the entity
that can most appropriately implement recommendations in respect of the Hazelwood mine.

The Board’s recommendations should be read alongside the Board’s ‘affirmations’ which comprise the actions that the State and GDF Suez committed to undertake during the course of this Inquiry.