The Board has not been able, in the time available, to explore all reform options in depth, or test good ideas against a cost/benefit analysis.However, the Board does not want to narrow policy makers’ vision, nor constrain the State and GDF Suez to the Board’s recommendations, nor limit improvements to those that the State and GDF Suez have committed to undertaking over the course of this Inquiry.

With this in mind, the Board considers that the following proposals, which are referred to in the report, warrant further attention.

Proposals warranting serious consideration

The State:

  • Investigate amending the Latrobe Planing Scheme, through the Minister for Planning, advised by the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, and the Latrobe City Council. The purpose of these amendments is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the risk of embers from external rural fires (in particular from timber plantations) entering open cut coal mines in the Latrobe Valley, is minimised.
  • Create a Health Conservation Zone in the Latrobe Valley. The purpose is to improve significantly the health of the Latrobe Valley community by coordinating and integrating health services with responses which tackle the broader social and environmental determinants of health.
  • Appoint a Health Advocate for the Latrobe Valley. The purpose is to provide a local health voice for the Latrobe Valley community that can win the trust of that community and be a sound source of advice, mediation and advocacy on health-related matters.
  • Develop an advisory mechanism for public health emergencies to assist the Chief Health Officer and Emergency Management Commissioner. The purpose is to assist the Chief Health Officer and the Emergency Management Commissioner by providing advice on health and medical policies and protocols relevant to public health emergencies.