Appendix C Inquiry personnel

The following people were engaged to assist the Inquiry during its various phases.

Family name

First name


Crook Rebecca Senior Paralegal
Harrison Hayley Administrative Assistant
Hauraki Rawinia Stenographer
Hay Sally Office Manager
Horsfield Sam Editor
Kolyunski Lana Community Engagement Manager
Lanyon, Dr Elizabeth Head of Secretariat
Matters Tracey Media and Communications Manager
Meade Stephen Senior Legal Adviser
McLaughlin Daniel Assistant Transcriber
Mitchell Brooke Principal Adviser
Pascoe Laura Legal Adviser
Pieris Gregory Legal Adviser
Richards SC Melinda Counsel Assisting
Rozen Peter Counsel Assisting
Skelley Miranda Legal Adviser
Stansen Justine Principal Legal Adviser
Wallace Joanne Policy Adviser

Note: Only those individuals who worked with the Inquiry for two weeks or more are listed.